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Saturday on the road

After spending most of a week on business in Madison, Wisconsin, my return flight got me home fourteen hours past schedule, late Friday morning instead of Thursday evening. I had to be in Manhasset, Long Island Friday afternoon for the fourth in a series of treatments for my injured back. Several hours of driving to get there. We made it, but the idea of getting back in the car to fight pre-holiday weekend traffic to get past New York City and home again was anything but appealing. We opted instead, at Ina's suggestion, to make a shorter trip to spend Friday night in Brooklyn. She'd lived there for a couple of years early in her working life and was keen to show me around, if only briefly.

We stayed in a small hotel a few blocks from the northern end of Prospect Park. There wasn't a lot of time to explore - just enough to make me wonder why I hadn't discovered it sooner. Then it was more hours in the car to get to Newtown, CT to check in on her parents. 

Saturday farmers market, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklynfountain, Grand Army Plaza, BrooklynWhile Ina visited with her mother, I found a shady patch in the driveway and sketched.
Saturday afternoon, Newtown CTBefore we got on the road to head home, Ina picked up groceries for her parents, and dropped me in the park by the pond that she'd learned to ice skate on as a child.

Hawley Pond, Newtown, CT

It was late Saturday night by the time we finally arrived back home in Marietta, exhausted. A lot of driving, trying to find ways to avoid the heaviest traffic. Not exactly what either of us really wanted to do this weekend, but we decided to make it fun and interesting. It could have been worse. We could have made it a dutifully grim journey. We could each have been with someone we didn't like. And I might have forgotten to bring along a sketchbook.

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