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Sketches, June 4-6, 2017

Ten years ago, my daughters attended a school in the picturesque village of Lititz, 20 miles across the county. The daily trip there and back had a couple of features that I looked forward to despite the inconvenient trek – driving through a nineteenth century covered bridge, and this scene: below the crest of a wooded ridge, an old farmhouse facing a barn and its cluster of appendages, separated by Mt. Joy Road on its winding eastbound path. Noble and I went on a sketch outing one non-school day, but the complexity of the tableau overwhelmed both her and my skills, undermining what we’d hoped would be a fun plein air drawing experience. Ever since, I’ve wanted to try again. This past Sunday, I finally took a fresh swipe at it.

Like most everyone I know, I dislike having to sit in any kind of waiting room, even if only briefly. Yesterday, I was obliged to wait, although not for very long, for an oil change at Swedish Motors, which is just a mile from my house. Unlike most waiting rooms, though, this one features a revolving display of my friend Rich Kushner’s collection of unique old Saabs and Volvos. Right now, a 1963 Volvo 122 Amazon, heavily modified for racing, dominates the floor. Since I had my sketch bag along, and in the interest of not wasting time leafing through magazines or staring at my iPhone, (along with indulging my fondness for cool and quirky old cars), I had just enough time to dash off a quick impression.

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