An Artistic Milestone
Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 2:42PM
Scott A. Stultz

On Friday evening this past week, my daughter Noble nervously welcomed family, friends, and colleagues to the Stella Elkins Tyler Galleries at Temple University's Tyler School of Art. After years of study and exploration, insights and inspirations, uncertainty and self doubt that accompany an education in fine art, she presented an installation of her final semester's senior thesis work in Fibers and Material Studies, for which she will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree on May 12.

Her show was entitled "Synthetic Simulation". Noble built her investigation around the dichotomies she sees within a materialistic culture increasingly driven by fashion, throw away trends, and social media, yet with the conviction that one may still create beauty and convey hope and optimism. She combined traditional and conventional techniques and materials with novel and sometimes jarring departures. She created a coherent, intriguing and relevant statement in art that can be read on multiple levels.

As did her professors, I applaud her work, its depth of thought, and the perspective it conveys. Congratulations, Noble! What a proud moment in your career as an artist.

You can see more of Noble's work at


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