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Without the traditional family get together around my dining room table this year, Easter weekend has left me feeling disconcertingly adrift. I have a sense of having missed an important annual observance, even though with other obligations making it impossible for everyone to be here, no one expected me to provide the usual setting. I joined Ina at her house in Takoma Park as she hosted longtime friends of hers from Boston for brunch. The company was pleasant, the weather lovely and the food delicious, yet I found myself anxious and antsy. I talked with my children and parents on the phone, and missed them all. On my return home early afternoon, I couldn't settle down - I felt at loose ends and unreasonably guilty that I had somehow let people down, that I'd failed to do something that I should have done. And I felt obsolete. Ridiculous, I know. I guess it's hard for me to let go. I'm having to reconsider my role as my family's needs, and my own, are in flux.

Easter's message to me this year is that a full life is one that accepts and embraces change. Difficult though it may be at times, I'm grateful to be reminded.

mirror image, 11 x 11, 2B graphite pencileaster eggs and azalea, 8 x 5, 2B graphite and colored pencil

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