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Indomitable spirits

All over the world today, throngs of passionate women (and more than a few men) surged together to raise their voices in support of human rights and a world they see imperiled by the newly inaugurated President of the United States. Some of my closest friends joined the many thousands who showed up to be heard and counted in Washington, DC. Were it not for mitigating personal circumstances, I'd have been among them.

Instead, I kept in touch via text messaging, and on the internet watched a sea of brilliant pink knitted hats light up the greyness of the capitol. Frustrated that I couldn't be there, I spent the day between working and looking at updates, then took a late afternoon walk.

The woods were somber and quiet this afternoon, and the river's surface obscured by a dense layer of fog, but I kept thinking of those indomitable spirits, refusing to be intimidated and abused into meek acquiescence, and also refusing to resort to violence. When I started drawing the densely tangled trees and vines in the grey scene where I crouched with my sketchbook, my mind's eye kept seeing pink and red. Colors associated with femininity, anger, strength, love and life. I had to use them.

This small tribute then, this cryptic little sketch. To all the women who won't back down from defending what you know is good and right, I salute you. You are my heroes.

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